Love, Intimacy, Tantra, Sacred Sexuality 

Love is such an opening experience that it often creates situations in which fears are aroused in spite of our attempts to rationalize them away. Speaking Truth is healing. And if we learned how to receive it, it creates intimacy rather than distance.

Sacred space is where you give you & your partner the ability to be transparent–to acknowledge who you are, what you feel, how you think…how you can become more deeply available.

“Trust and its sister, Surrender, are like a womb in which all of consciousness can gestate and mature.” -Richard Moss “The I That is We”

“The primary nature of every human being is to be open to life and love. Being guarded, armoured, distrustful and enclosed is second nature in our culture. It is the means we adopt to protect ourselves against being hurt, but when such attitudes become characterological or structured in the personality, they constitute a more severe hurt and create a greater crippling than the one originally suffered.” * – Alexander Lowen ”Bioenergetics”

Your demons: Finding yourself fearful of this vulnerability & openness can be a normal feeling. It can be healthy, even… because their reappearance shows that you are allowing more energy into your system. You are making progress…. breaking out of limiting patterns of behavior.
The ancient Greeks called these fears & resistances our “demons”…the Tibetans called them our “monsters.” All traditions agree on one thing: If you know how to remain aware & centered in yourself when the demons appear, you can confront them, accept them, make friends with them so that they can become your allies rather than your enemies… and you ultimately transcend them.

Introducing a sacred dimension to sexual loving allows both partners to acknowledge that they possess divine qualities. They recognize their true potential as *infinite and unlimited.* In Tantra, you discover that by honoring the god or goddess in your partner, you can see beyond the limitations of personality and, by seeing the divine in the other person, perceive the same potential in yourself. The other person becomes a reflection of your own godlike nature. Sexual Union is not only sacred, but is an art (sanskrit root for art means “suitably united”) 

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