The Deva of Water

Water is life. This Earth is a water planet. Around 70% of the surface is covered in oceans and our bodies are 99% water at the molecular level. I write from in the bath tub because when I’m in water is when I’m able to access more of its depth. Being immersed in something is the best way to assimilate its information. It’s a Gnosis-ing not just a knowing. Especially when communing with the elements.

Going Into the Mythica means deepening into the embodiment of your unique soul light in physical form. There are many levels and layers to this concept of the Angel in the Clay. The light of our eternal consciousness housed in the elements of matter. However, one of the foundational principals is alignment with the Deva of the Elements. Realizing that our bodies are made up of elements. Clay of the Earth animated by the spirit of consciousness. I love all the elements, but my particular specialty is Water. She is the portal to this dimension.

Water to me is not just a physical substance, but an elemental representation of the Divine Mother. Carrying the qualities of Love, Grace, Surrender, Flow, formless able to be formed. For this is the magic of water. The substance itself will flow freely until it encounters the boundaries of other substances. Water represents the holy Womb. The Wombs in which all of us grew inside our mothers also reflects our oceans where human life began. Water is the medium for consciousness to enter this dimension. Human babies are not formed on land, although it may appear this way on the surface. They are formed in the ocean of their mother’s womb and grow inside the amniotic sac. The egg having been developed in their grandmother’s womb. Programed water is how this world is made from a simplistic elemental viewpoint.

Water is how the light of consciousness incarnates on the earth. We are essentially light (vibration of consciousness) imprinted in water structured by earth and moved by air. We are each a raindrop in the sea of consciousness. When putting my hand in the water and lifting it up to gather a drop on my finger, I notice that I see the surroundings reflected inside the water. We can see this with rain puddles as well. It reminds me that if I am a bigger version of that drop or puddle (since I am also made of water) then I am also reflecting my surroundings and my surroundings are reflecting me. So if we want to change our surroundings we must change the emanation from our water drop or change our surroundings to change the water drop. Master Emoto did amazing work on charging water. How energy effects water. Here is a link to his incredible work. He found that frequencies of Love and Gratitude are the most powerful. You may think that Love and Gratitude are just emotions, which they are Energy In Motion. They have a vibrational frequency and by harnessing our emotional and mental bodies, we can charge the water of our bodies.

“You have a direct affect upon the subatomic, atomic and molecular messengers (Angels) within your body through the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel. Since these types of Angels are bound to your will, they will obey your intentions regarding your physical body to a remarkable degree.” ~ Essene Gospel of Peace

You are a raindrop splashing in the field of consciousness. Even though you can’t see it with your eyes you are swimming in a sea of consciousness and energy. Your being is a portal to the textures you are made of. Make space for what you want to bring through. A culture is a bunch of raindrops programmed the same way making a river but all rivers lead to the ocean. If you want to change the world, you must change your own raindrop! For if you are not embodying the knowledge you speak (light encoded) then your reality will not change because your water is still coded with the other beliefs. Sound and vibration is how light is coded into water and makes mater. Water is how consciousness is able to vibrate into the visibly physical spectrum. Colors and frequencies are the horses of the chariot called you. Be born not to your own self but to the ocean of the highest blueprint for collective evolution. Think and act not only in the now but in the eternal. Beliefs are frequencies. Sounds are frequencies. Do not be a victim of your surroundings, but do everything you can to elevate to greater states of embodied love! So other raindrops find their own gravity through being near your well. Your womb is your well, the void of infinite worlds. Draw from its depth the vastness of you. Unity magnetically attracting electricity. Discharge the energy. Neutralize it. And free your reality from distorted dis harmonies, resonate at the frequency of super heroes embodied. Let’s dream the best world we possibly can and free ourselves from monotamy. Instead of worrying, dream the best future for everything!


Water Body Prayer:

I speak directly to the water in my body. The waters in my body are pure and holy flowing gracefully with divine intelligence. I am now purified of any frequencies that are not in divine alignment with my truest essence.  Love and gratitude infuse the water in my body with the highest crystalline light. Making beautiful patterns of ecstasy within the rivers of my being. My water flows unobstructed. Pure and luminous currents for the light of my eternal essence to anchor into this plane. In tapping into the holy union between the water and light within me, I feel the codes of my soul embodying more deeply into my physical body. May the most powerful vibrations of divine love and holy light fill and illuminate my cells to fill me with vibrant radiance. May heaven and earth make love in my cells. I am a child of the most beautiful love story in the universe. I am a child of divine and holy love. Everything else is to remind me of this truth. To discern and learn this love not because I didn’t have any other choice. We all come home in the “end”. The spiral never looses. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for this play is divine.

Photography: Michael Pooley

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