Living Altars, Sacred Spaces

The Altar is essentially the result of an ancient technique of shaping the Space around the Self to showcase certain Qualities, and to serve basic functions. This Ability is a natural talent of human beings. How we direct our attention and intention in relationship with the Sacred Land determines the types of Spaces and Altars we cocreate, and the day to day lives we lead.

Remember, everything is made of the Deva, the Sacred Land, and in the depths of Reality, all crafted Spaces can be viewed as Altars. The current incarnation of carving, refining and shaping the Deva, from the imaginal realms to the physical reality…

From the Dream Weaver Sanctuary (chapter under construction) by Joshua Faust


With this awareness, one can set about in Conscious CoCreation with the Sacred Land, and with other Beings. In this light it is essential to create Sacred Spaces. Those that harmonize consciousness, body, and mind with the Sacred Land. We need Spaces and Altars set in place that remind of us who we are, what’s important to us, and that serve our functions, all while honoring, harmonizing and beautifying the Land.

It is truly our right placement as Bringers of the Dawn to live in peace and harmony with our environment. And as always, everything is a reflection. As Within, So Without is the axiom of this new era. So just as inner clearing is required, so is outer clearing. We are literally demanded to shift the way we relate with the land and shape Space if we wish to not only survive, but Thrive!

From natural building, to earth Altars, to crystal grids, to organic gardens, to tarot readings, to the kitchen sink, it’s all an Altar set in Sacred Space. By creating in this light we remember that the land is Sacred!

A Practice, Starting Small:

Start with a small space. It can be a table, a desk, the floor, the mantle, a spot in Nature. Where ever you resonate with. Feel into the mood you’d like to create, and set an intention to create Sacred Space, whatever that means to you. You will intuitively know. Bring to this space items that match this, it can be pictures, cards, crystals, treasures, charms, candles, figures and forms. You are arranging the elements themselves. What does your heart wish to see in the World?

Arrange the items intuitively, until you find it most beautiful. Get comfortable and meditate on what you have created. Take note of how this affects you. How do you feel? How does this change how you relate with the space? How are the qualities of your thoughts?

With practice you will create your own unique ritual of Altar creation, and start relating with the Space in a new way. It can help remind us of what we need reminding of. Qualities such as abundance, kindness, compassion, new beginnings. Deities can help here too, which are personifications of these elemental Qualities.

This practice can be done with others. Start small, and then take a moment to consider how this practice relates to the Great Story, the Larger Context. Start with a table, then imagine communities built this way, whole cities…as Temples of Sacred Space…

The Redemption of Media, Living Altars set in the Sacred Space of the InterNet

Media Platforms are Living Altars, and we have the power to create and choose our Altars, carefully discerning and creating the perfect context for the content of the New Paradigm through the Web.

So we choose to create a new platform, a new Living Altar: Into the Mythica. She is centered around the unfolding of our Sacred Story that honors the greater template of Values and Qualities that come through us. We focus upon the Archetypes that underlie that experience, showcasing the movement through Realms of Consciousness in relationship to the Avatars that appear on the Path and the Sacred Land that we coexist with.

This documents how we’re all connected through the constancy of synchronicity that guides us deeper into Realms of Magick, which coexist within and without. This creates the Living Altar, through which we invoke the Great Story through our shared attention and intention

She is a light-house, guiding us back to the remembrance that everything is connected.

This is a call for a Redemption of Media. Form follows Fuction. The Mythica is a platform that focuses upon the deeper qualities in order to facilitate the Journey Home, to help us along our Sacred Path to Realization of our True Nature, to live our Dharma in constancy in harmony with the Sacred Land.

Going deeper Into the Mythica helps us to clear the lens through which we witness ourselves in relation to others and the Deva. Reigning in attention from distraction and redeeming the values that truly wish to come through us – those of Honor, Respect, Joy, Luminance and Love…

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