Natural Magic

What is Magic?  Where does it come from?  How can I make my life more Magical?

Magic is the very fabric of existence.  The idea that magic is “supernatural” is a false premise.  If one attempts to develop a system of magic based upon supernatural events, one is doomed to failure.  Everything that exists is natural.  It is all part of the system.  It is true, however, that some aspects of nature are less common than others.  There is more Lead than Gold in nature.  Magic is the Gold of a natural human experience.

To practice magic one must have an unusually broad perspective of naturally occurring phenomena.  To quote on of my earliest teachers: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  Science is taking it’s first shaky steps towards becoming a true system of knowledge.  Western science, as we know it, is less than 500 years old.  This is a blink of the eye, in terms of human wisdom.  That being said, science has improved upon the old systems of Occult (meaning hidden) Knowledge, by being honest and forthright about the nature and processes of its study.  Science has brought us out of the dark ages of hidden truth into a time of High Magic.  Right now, in this world, wizards are using golden wire to etch arcane symbols upon tablets of rare minerals which will grant it’s readers access to the Akashic Record;  the collected wisdom of human consciousness.  If you are reading this,  you have access to one of these eldritch devices.  It is called, in the common tongue, a computer.

Science is Magic.  Philosophy is Magic.  Education is Magic.  Imagination is Magic. Music is Magic. Art is Magic.  Yoga is Magic.  Kung Fu, Gardening, Parenting, Meditation, Comedy, Herbalism, Cooking.  All these things are MAGIC.  Nothing is mundane, when seen from the right perspective.

But wait, if everything is magic, then everyone is a wizard.  Truth.  Unfortunately, though, most people have been trained to cast spells upon themselves that limit their personal power and narrow their perceptions.   If one does not believe in their own innate magic, then it is diminished.  Self cursed into a half life of drudgery and mundane experience.

How can I make my life more magical?  Here is a simple exercise: answer this question:

What do I LOVE to do?  Look deep into your soul and find something that is truly fulfilling.  It can be anything.  Painting, Dancing, Gardening, Helping Others, Making people laugh, Whatever.  This is an anchor point for your magical power.  When you dedicate your time to something that brings you joy, you improve your life, you improve the world, in general.  This is magic.  When you spend enough time doing this thing to become exceptional at it, you have entered the world of Magic.  You are now able to influence people and events through a ecstatic application of will and effort. Magic.  You can change the world, with Magic.

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