Magickal Sacred Fluids

Stone in my bone,

River in my blood,

Wind in my breath,

and Fire in my heart.

I am a Woman, I am free,

I am a Woman,

Milk, Blood, and Honey….

Deep magick is revealed to me thru the medicine of our holy fluids.

It is the blood of our uterine lining that nests our fertilized egg to grow a human body. This sacred shedding is rich in stem cells and is the drink of the Immortals.

It is the amniotic fluid linked to our holy oceans, that cushions the growing babe, provides a perfect temperature, allows the baby to move freely, helps the lungs to develop, and aids the digestive system to develop within the fetus.

It is literally our blood transformed to milk, that nourishes our children from the beautiful blossoming breasts of a new Mother.

The level of Magick involved in the sacred vessel of the Womb, the absolute transformation of birth, life, and death that can be conjured there… is boundless.

As Mythical beings we are dedicated to alchemy. Transforming lead to gold, day to night, dark to light.

SeaMylk of the embodied God is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, is a natural anti-depressant, and contains melatonin and supports relaxation.

In Divine Union, when Blood and SeaMylk are combined thru lovemaking, art, and ritual, there is the grace and glory available to pray into existence your choice of manifestation. Some high and potent Magick indeed.

WE are the Medicine Bag.

WE are the Mesa.

WE are the Altar.

Your hair; the feathers.

Your skin; the container.

Your blood; the holy waters.

Your bones; the stones.

Your breath; the song.

Body as Temple. Land as Temple.

Body as Merlyn. Land as Lady.

Body as Wand. Land as Sanctorium.

Transmute. Transform. Rebirth. Reborn.

Magick. Magick. Magick,

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