The Wheel of Time – Imbolc

Imbolc.  The Maiden’s Day.  Spring’s first Dawning.  Once observed as a celebration of the thawing of winter’s hardened shell, and of spring’s first sprouting.  Now strangely reduced to a day celebrating a rodent’s fear of it’s shadow.  Reclaiming the true meaning of the season’s turnings is an important step in aligning oneself with nature, and, in turn, with Natural Magic.

Many Magical practices can be enhanced by tapping into the energy of the season.  Magic that can benefit from Imbolc’s power include cleansing rituals, initiation of new endeavors, the sloughing off of old stagnant patterns, and returning to community connections.

As the Earth draws us back into the Sun’s giving light, more energy is present within the natural world.  Connection to these natural cycles can enable us to draw energy from them.   As above, so too below; as without, so too within.

Allowing ourselves to thaw, to release old fears and inhibitions brings us closer into alignment with our true selves.  The more centered in truth we are, the more access we have to our own unique magic.  Imbolc is the perfect time to begin this process.  The nights are still long, enabling us to explore the shadowed realms of our underworld, but the growing light of day brings us hope and renewed vigor with which to reclaim the power we have dedicated to keeping those shadows in the dark.  Let the Ice melt, let the sun reach into your deepest glacial recesses.  You will find that winter’s Ice can be radiant with the Light of Truth.

Each year, we are reborn.  Each spring is a childhood renewed.  It is time to play, to create, to explore, to feel wonder again.  Let Imbolc’s magic return your spirit to innocence.  Let your Heart grow.

It is time to awaken; time to stretch, to examine the effects of the winter’s ice and storms.  It is time to plan for the new year; to sprout the Seeds of Inspiration which have lain dormant beneath the snows of the hibernating mind.

Blessed Imbolc, my Mythic Friends.

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