Dogma, Fear and Unleashing our Truth

It is truly a heroic task to clear the eons of imprints that play out through us, to unshackle ourselves from outdated stories of who we are and what the world is. It is heroic to embrace the unknown, and embody our fullest truth.

Along my journey, I have encountered various belief systems and practices, along with many texts about them, from religions to the systems of self help, business, government and education. Many have proved to be useful, while others not so much. Yet I have recognized beings holding them as Truth, prescribing them whenever they deemed necessary.

I find my Self ‘outside’ them at moments, gazing with a compassionate eye. For I seek to be at home in the wilds within myself, yet I am aware of the entrapment of some rigid belief. I question them. I witness them within me. I am wary of all dogmas, all the proclamations of passing tones. All declarations that state “this is the way it is, all the time.” For many of them hold the transient as eternal.

For all these systems, it seems to be a matter of what is appropriate and applicable in the moment rather than a cure-all for all of time and space. I find it comes down to what is authentic in direct perception, and as simple as what resonates and what doesn’t.

Dogma and Fear, a False Master

I discovered that many dogmas are inundated with fear at a core level, that works like a motivator, a perpetuator of the energetic systems of belief and action. Many Beings perpetuate these patterns, defend them, proclaim them as Truth, and even harm one another over them. Yet for many beings I’ve met, they keep them confined, from truly knowing their Selves…

Humanity for too long has served a false master. One of stagnant ritualistic action and belief that wasn’t authentic, that wasn’t true. A False King was put in place, a False Idol that had people worshiping something outside themselves, ignoring the Wisdom of the Self and the Magic of Life. Worship was centered around an altar of division, of distorted value, and of many forms of slavery, violence and self abuse.

But why were we praising separation? Ignorance, a lack of awareness. For a cause was put in place, that led the Mind to lord over the Body, and to over ride the Will. That led to the repressions of the feminine aspect, of our Yin, of the great Void from which we come from, and aggrandized the masculine, the All Powerful Light, and appointed Him as the only one worthy one of praise. That is why we try to conquer darkness, which then is labeled evil. We want to overcome what we fear, and conquer it.

But what lies in the darkness, and do we fear something we merely do not understand? What is it that we are conquering when we vanquish a foe?

There is beauty in fear, and it exists for a reason. But repressed fear has been going on for eons, and to clear and reconcile this is the healing. We can choose to accept the fear as our teacher, and embrace the darkness.

For what lies in the unknown, but another part of me and you?

Unique Authentic Expression, Unleashing Personal Truth

I find that the most graceful place is where we are embodying our innermost Truth, and trusting in the wholeness of our Selves to unfold before us. We each have a unique experience and purposing in our unfoldment, or Destiny, given unto us, and if any dogma does not resonate with the compasses in the body then it is ripe and ready to be offered up for further inspection and integration, and be released and transformed.

Furthermore, As we are attempting to see something as it is, objectively, it is how we are seeing it, subjectively. Reality is a matter of perspective. To change reality is to change perspective, which can be looked at as made of energetic patterns that we call the Self – belief and thought being part of that.

Yet how do we know what is Real, what is True? The same way Truth has been known to all beings. It is a matter of being attuned and aligned with the essence of Truth. It is a matter of tuning into the most resonant feeling of Truth, and experiencing it as a direct perception. We all have this innate ability. We are all receivers of divine wisdom and intelligence. That is why I will not let any one of the systems be my master, yet I can learn from them, respect them, disregard them, question them, augment them, combine, interconnect, integrate and use them. I can do what is authentic for me, rather than just what scripture dictates.

It is truly a heroic task to clear the eons of imprints that play out through us, to unshackle ourselves from outdated stories of who we are and what the world is. It is heroic to embrace the unknown, and embody our fullest truth. For in the nakedness of authenticity we find ourselves, having only trust in the grace that guides us there…to the essence of who we are. The Truth is unscripted, and in the greatest moments of our existence we tell a tale never told before…

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