The Turning of the Ages

We are in the turning of the Ages. We are moving from an Age filled with ignorance and distorted versions of relationship, and moving into the Redeemed qualities of Peace, Clarity, Truth, Love and Interconnectedness. The Age of Pisces was an experience of separateness, of density and unmoved fear, where domination cultures flourished and beings existed in slavery. Yet, the hearts are turning, authenticity is taking new route, and people are waking up. As more light and awareness enters the Earth in this Dawning Age of Aquarius our opportunity expands for Collective Redemption.


From the Mayan Calendar (2012 shift) to the Astrological Ages, as well as the great Ages depicted in the Indian texts, the Book of Revelations, and the many prophecies by indigenous peoples the Earth over, there has been a divination of a time where great change would occur, sense would return and Grace would be regained by righteous perspective.

This change is both destructive and reconstructive. The Hopi called it the Purification. That time is Now. The Earth is going through Great Changes, and so are We. So from a cosmic perspective, we as incarnates find ourselves in the midst of a massive shift, and this Destiny we play a great role in.

CoCreating a New Earth

What is the New Earth that we are creating? What are the qualities that is filled with? If we wish for Heaven on Earth it comes down to redemption, to resurrection, to resuscitation. We are redeeming the imprints of eons through the authenticity of our being, by answering the call to clear our Selves from the inside out of the patterns that create disharmony. There is a collective inner purification happening that is being reflected in our collective dreamscape, our circumstance. As within, So without. Everything is a reflection.

We must be in the proper stance, the proper asana, the proper orientation with clear form in order to manifest a solution. It must be fully embodied to truly live in harmony with the Sacred Land, which is where we are brought to our personal responsibility in the transformation taking place in the evolution of Humanity and Earth. The Techniques to Change our Reality facilitate this Transformational Art.

We each have a unique role to play in this Awakening and Purification. We each have unique gifts and talents that contribute to the manifestation of our heart’s desire, many that lay yet unseen. This is the essence of Destiny, to be in the witnessing of our own grand unfoldment, where the purposing of our Lives becomes clear.

So in the Turning of the Ages let us answer the call as harbingers of enlightened perspective, play an active role in clearing the way to manifest Heaven on Earth and witness the grand unfoldment of our Destinies in the Mirror called Life.

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