Desire, Fulfillment and Miracles

As human beings our needs are much the same, but our impulses, visions and strategies of how to meet them as individuals are unique. On this spiral path of experience and evolution, desire is always finding new ways to express itself. We meet our needs and fulfill our dreams through the conduit of desire. It is an ongoing process of the human condition.

Some claim to walk the path of fulfillment and others the path of renunciation. Throughout our lives we dance between both. What is transcendence? What is the purpose of living? It comes down to direct perception, and the authentic expression of one’s current condition on their go around the spiral. Rhetoric on desire has run rampant through our history, yet what does it serve?

Desire not only serves a purpose, but is the driving force behind having a sense of Purpose. It is the means and the end, coming back upon itself to drive us further into fulfillment. Without desire, there is no journey. This force inspires us into the hero’s journey, into abandoning our old stories and taking up new paths of initiation, leading us through the spiral into the depths of human experience. When we emerge from the depths we are gifted with a new life and perspective and return Home to share these gifts we the greater world. Developing a sense of this process places us in the midst of the Great Story. God is good, and we are worthy of the desires we have been gifted with.

When our desires rest in the grand perspective of evolution and the Great Story, we touch upon the essence of Destiny. It is this refined stance on desire and purpose that leads us to our Destiny. From this place we are gifted with an epic fortitude of faith in the process of the human condition. With this awareness we can take up the path on the spiral from discipline to devotion, and intentionally attune ourselves with the process of fulfillment. From the depths of perception I witness that the force that guides this process is Grace. Faith is continually honed through the witnessing of Grace. This is where the veil is lifted to see the Truth of our lives, where fulfillment and realization coincide.

So many people want to live more magical and love filled lives, to have access to more abundance, and to live in alignment with their true purpose. They are trying so many passing tones of rhetoric and techniques in order to bring this about, many met with little results. This is what Into the Mythica aims to do differently. We are illustrating the proofs of manifestation through different techniques, by documenting them through the cast of our Avatar’s lives.

What we are finding is an actual Physics, which we are calling the Physics of the Quest, a process for manifesting a more heavenly life. It can be envisioned through the metaphor of the Prism of Self, where the distortions of fear and scarcity are like smudges on the Prism, and when the light shine through into our Halo of Manifestation, our manifested reality, these imprints show up as disharmony in our relationships and perceived lack of resources. It’s a matter of perception, for as we clear on the causal level these energetic imprints, called fear and scarcity, the smudges are wiped away and the light shines clearly through our Prism to reveal the Truest essences in our lives, Love and Abundance in our manifested reality.

When we have awareness of this process, it becomes a natural desire to be active in its workings. There is the opportunity to become an empowered cocreator with the dance of our lives. Here from this deepened perspective we can take up the Techniques to Shift our Realities, which are techniques for actively clearing our selves and thus manifesting a more Grace filled reality. The faith comes to serve the process when we take up this role, for it takes fortitude to live in awareness of our Selves and our manifestation. Awareness deepens as we continually see the Realm Signs in our experience that point to the inner work playing itself out in our lives. Through the deepening of awareness and the clearing of the Self, we are able to actually have greater access to Truth. We live in deeper states of remembrance.

Miracles are the workings of the Essential Self. Living in the Essential Self is living in Clarity, where the Prism is clear. Thus the natural workings of our lives and the greater worlds is made known to us. Heaven on Earth is simultaneously a state of being and circumstance. We must embody the Essential Self in order to witness the continual graceful fulfillment of our Heart’s desire into the full manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Thus begins the Great Story of humanities’ awakening to its Truest potential…

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