On the Mythica – Your Inner and Outer World

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Understanding the relationship between one’s inner holographic configuration of Self and one’s experiences in the context of a journey across the real, physical World is at the core of the Mythica.

The Prism of the Self, the source of the hologram of our current manifestation

In the Mythica, it is the idea that our current Self is a character, literally traveling across a landscape of vibration, of circumstances and experiences which can be tracked back to particular ‘lessons’ or ‘karmas’ that are occurring for the individual, tracking those experiences to particular vibrational patterns or ‘feeling-tones’ within the body.  As we clear out these patterns, stored within the subconscious aspect of our prism of Self, the circumstances of our Life change.  We prove the alchemical idea that our ‘outer’ experience is but a hologram, a reflection of our ‘inner’ experience, and that by shifting our inner landscape, we change our outer manifestation.

Fundamental to this is the idea that God is Good, that Abundance and well-being are our birthright, and that we have been living in a dim version of our potential reality, within a paradigm of reality created by the unawakened consciousness of the People.  As we clear our patterns, we clear those patterns and gain more access to that Goodness, to the inspiration and vitality that is our birthright.

In the context of the Mythica, this clearing of the imprints within the Self and the equivalent change in one’s reality is a movement from Shadow to the Brightlands across a landscape of vibration, an archetypical landscape of realms of being along the Rainbow Road.  It is our character, part of the Great Story, moving across the mythical landscape that underlies all of our experiences.

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Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica and Author of The Journey Home. visit his Author's site in the Mythica multiverse.

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