Plant Medicines

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As we make the journey deeper to Paradise, we have allies amongst the deva … the plant spirits, the elementals, and the healing tinctures and potions that are created from their sacred essence.

Such is the domain of shamanism and healing, the ancient wisdoms of cultures and traditions which recognize the great Gift to our transcendence that lay within our honouring of the natural World.  Such is the action of healing, when weAyahuasca_and_chacruna_cocinando engage in the process of healing the imprints and distortions which lie within our prism of Self, and move ever-closer to our birthright of Paradise and communion with our natural Selves.  It is a beautiful humility, when we realize that not only is the Grace and glory of the Natural world far, far larger than our limited horizon, but that She loves us tremendously, offering the elements of her bosom for our healing.

Within the plant queendom there are many allies.  Many deva whose essence is to help us transform the distortions within the Self to something bright.  In the journey home, I have been privileged to receive healing from a number of them, each bearing their own signature, their own particularity.  As a deva coming to the Earth plane, it is these allies, these exalted intelligences of the Aina, to whom I owe great thanks, rekindling my Spirit and refreshing my awareness of what truly is.


There are not enough good things in the World to say about the Grandmother Ayahuasca.  No praises sung that could communicate the clarity and healing provided by this most exalted of the plant deva, and the great
transformation that she provides for the planet.  Multiple times on the Quest have I been led into this aspect of the Aina, the sacred Land, to receive new clearings and recognitions of my true Path, to take me through the as-yet-unresolved issues within my Self so that I could better serve God in my right Purpose.


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Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica and Author of The Journey Home. visit his Author's site in the Mythica multiverse.

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